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The VDV – Your players' union

As the players' trade union, the VDV represents the interests of professional footballers and supports the more than 1,300 members with professional services dealing with pensions, legal matters, education, vocational planning, medicine, sport psychology, media training, integrity of competition and training camps for players without clubs.

The VDV is ...

  • a union founded in 1987 by active professional players.
  • independent, democratic and a vehicle for solidarity.
  • the collective voice of professionals for the benefit of ALL players. officially recognised by the DFB and LIGA.
  • represented in the DFB's legal bodies (sport court and federal court). in constant contact with other players' trade unions outside Germany.

The VDV has ...

  • fought for a variety of rights of participation in football.
  • helped to win freedom of movement at the end of contract (Bosman ruling).
  • been instrumental in introducing mandatory cardiac check ups for professionals. improved the transfer rights of players without a club.
  • won many payment concessions for professional players (holiday pay etc.). co-founded the DFB-VDV pension scheme.
  • helped to refine sport psychology care for players (MENTAL GESTÄRKT). established the select "VDV 11" Bundesliga team.
  • worked to considerably improve preventative work in professional football concerning the integrity of competition (betting manipulation, doping).

The VDV calls for ...

  • a fair balance of interests between players, clubs and associations as the basis for the successful marketing of professional football.
  • collective bargaining agreements in professional football to deliver greater legal certainty in case of contentious questions.
  • better protection against unpaid wages and club insolvencies, particularly in the 3rd and 4th tiers.
  • a further extension to the transfer window for players without a club and "victims of insolvency".
  • a statutory right for professional players to participate in training and game preparations with the first team. better health protection (duty of sport psychology care in professional clubs, limit to the number of games played, minimum number of holidays en bloc etc.).
  • improvements in financial security and pensions (extension to the continued payment of wages in case of injury, more security for players in case of illness, strengthening of operative old-age pensions for players etc.).
  • greater respect for the personal rights and private spheres of players (adaptation of the "whereabouts" rules for top players, freedom of choice in selecting medical care etc.).

Strengthen yourself and your team: Join in and become a member!

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